Wise Media | Cody Wise


My Story

In short, I am a self-taught designer and I have worked in the design industry for over ten years now, since 2011. Thats right – I was 13 years old when I first downloaded Adobe Photoshop and since then I have continued learning and mastering the software. Over the years, I have dedicated time and focused on learning many other skills such as Paid Advertising, Social Media Managment/Growth, Photography, Videography, and 3D Modeling /Rendering.



The Goal

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs transform their business with tailored content strategies, creative design, and personalized coaching.


The Vision

After working over 9 years to creating brands, My vision has come true and we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs successfully launch their new brands. We have been working hard to make starting a brand more accessible to start ups and entrepreneurs. 



I am committed to helping you uncover your purpose and defining your brand. I am here for you every step of the way.


I have a big heart and will always embrace and understand your needs. Through that understanding, I can ensure that your needs are met!


Positivity, fun, and energy are infused into the way I work. It is my main driver and that special something that makes me so unique.


Regardless of wealth or background, age - you name it - I believe everybody should be treated equally, everyone deserves the opportunity to build a business that they love.

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