Design Nomads: Earning Money Online in 2023

Introduction: Greetings, creative souls! I’m Cody Wise, and in this article, we’re venturing into the inspiring world of design nomads. These modern wanderers have cracked the code to living life on their own terms while pursuing their creative passions. Join me as we explore the concept of design nomadism and the freedom it offers. Defining […]

10x Your Brand & Make Millions Like Grant Cardone

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How Alex Hormozi Achieved Stardom in Under a Year

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How to Create SOPs for Your Agency with ChatGPT

SOPs creation with ChatGPT for agencies.

Embracing Efficiency with SOPs Welcome, agency owners and entrepreneurs! In the dynamic world of business, staying ahead often means doing things smarter, not just harder. One way to achieve this is by leveraging the power of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). In this article, we’ll explore how you can streamline your agency’s operations using ChatGPT and […]

Winning the Client Game: 10 Insider Secrets for Design Professionals

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The Rise of Independent Designers: Why More Professionals are Going Solo

Cody Wise | Wise Media | Branding, Designs & Websites

In recent years, we have seen a trend of designers leaving their traditional job roles to go independent as freelancers. This shift is driven by a variety of factors, including the desire for more flexibility, control over one’s work, and the opportunity to work with a wider range of clients. To better understand this trend, […]

10 Proven Strategies for Growing Your Creative Agency: Insights from Successful Entrepreneurs

Cody Wise | Wise Media | Branding, Designs & Websites

In this blog post, we will share the insights and strategies of successful creative agency owners who have successfully scaled their businesses. These entrepreneurs will share their experiences and lessons learned on how they were able to increase their client base, expand their services, and achieve financial stability. Some specific topics that could be covered […]