Wise Media | Cody Wise


No surprises, this is how it works.

1. Journey start.

The journey begins with understanding where you want you and your business to be, what your goals are, and what the vision for your future is. I am going to help you align all key stakeholders so you can work as a unit towards a common goal.

2. Challenges.

For established businesses, I work with you to dive deep into the challenges you have been facing with your business so far. For startups, we look at your competitive landscape and establish what challenges you will face. We will work together to implement steps that overcome those roadblocks.

3. Brand Audit.

A complete audit is going to be conducted on your brand to see where you are at right now and what improvements need to be made in order to accelerate growth.

4. Competitive research.

We will map out the competitive landscape, to gain an idea of what your customers need and identify potential market gaps.

5. Audience profiling.

We need to understand your audience to craft your message. I will guide you to find the right people that are going to resonate with your message.

6. Brand positioning.

Using the information from the competitive research and audience profiling steps, we will establish what sets you apart from the competition.

7. Brand building.

Equipped with this new knowledge, we will craft your unique story and messaging, define your brand’s essence, its personality, and create your visual identity.

Create your brand story.

Let’s discuss your requirements and define your brand.