Elementor Pro Mastery: How to Design With Confidence and Efficiency

Build High-Converting Websites at Lightning Speed and Turn Your Passion for Design into a Profitable Online Business.

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The problem

Stop Wasting Time by Learning a Professional Design System

Let’s face it, working in Elementor can feel overwhelming and frustrating, because there is simply so much possible. The joy of building gets lost in the chaos.

But you also don’t want to become part of the “designers” that just import pre-designed templates.

So you spend countless hours piecing together different YouTube tutorials or try things yourself.

Why go through the pain when you can choose the smarter path? Our course is designed to teach you a building system that makes your workflow smooth and streamlined.

By learning this framework, building websites with Elementor will be easier, faster and more fun. Because after following this course you know what is possible and how to work like a professional who doesn’t waste time.

And by building in a smart way you can keep more money in your pocket with each project you finish.

Ready to turn things around and make Elementor easy and fun again?

Who is This Course For?

The Package

What You Will Get

The Full Elementor Building System

With over 9 modules and hours  of video content, the course covers everything you need to transform your workflow with Elementor Pro.

It’s not just a big brain dump… it’s a structured way of learning which makes you understand Elementor from the inside out.

An Exercise Project To Get You Started

If you don’t have a project ready to test your new learned skills on then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve designed this project to contain a lot of layout & dynamic content challenges, so it will be a real test of your abilities. After building this full website yourself, you have internalised the skills & knowledge, and are now a highly skilled Elementor user.

Access to Private Discord Group

After joining, you’ll be invited to a private community of web designers. Inside you can discuss course materials, ask for feedback on your websites, and, of course, network with other web designers.

If you really want to go far in your web design journey, you’re going to need people around you on that same mission, this is what you will find here.

Extra Assets, Tools & Resources

Bonuses You'll Also Get

Styleguide Template

The Elementor Styleguide template that let’s you check all your fonts, colors and classes will be available for download.

CSS Classes

Different CSS classes to globally manage things like: padding and buttons will be shared as well.

Website Building Checklist

The Elementor Styleguide template that let’s you check all your fonts, colors and classes will be available for download.

Website Speed Tips

A few extra tips on how to optimise your websites for the optimal speed.

The Project

That You Can Use to Practice

Responsive Challenges

This website will require some solutions for a responsive design.

Dynamic Content Required

Without using dynamic content this website simply isn't possible.

Animation Proof Design

This website asks for some animations so you can try yourself.

Your Instructor

Cody Wise

There's no better time to dive into the web design space, and I'm on a mission to assist as many designers as possible in building their dream businesses.

Personally, I've been successfully selling websites built with Elementor to clients for several years. I've dedicated substantial time to refine a seamless workflow. Now, I'm thrilled to share this journey from A to Z with you.

If you're ready to transform your web design aspirations into reality without the coding headaches, join me inside the course. Let's make your web design dreams a tangible and thriving reality!

Wise Media | Cody Wise | 2024 | Branding & Websites

Module 1

Pre Build Resources

Module 2

WordPress Set-Up

Module 3

Elementor Settings

Module 4

Elementor First Steps

Module 5

The Home Page

Module 6

Other Pages Build

Module 7

Add Blog Posts

Module 8

GridBuilder WP

Module 9

Sidebar for Posts

Extra Modules

Coming Soon...